A Development Strategy for the YARMIZ Center was formed on the basis of values and principles with a purpose of implementing the mission and vision of the Center.

We define the state of well-being of a veteran and his family as the key value in the reintegration system. Therefore, the program and project activities towards achieving physical, psychological, economic, social and spiritual well-being are the strategic vectors.


Strategic areas of activity

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achievement physical well-being of female/male veterans and members of their families include promoting a healthy lifestyle and the use of physical activities and natural factors that in a comprehensive process contribute to the restoration and improvement of health and productivity.

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achievement psychological well-being of female/male veterans and members of their families include formation, application and promotion of approaches measures aimed at improving, restoring, correcting mental health and emotional balance, as well as creating conditions for the development and establishment of a harmonious personality.


This direction includes:

  • relieving psycho-emotional stress, irritability, fear, prevention of self-destructive behavior and other psychological problems with the help of various complex influences (introduction of peer-to-peer counseling, organization of mutual support and mutual assistance groups, group work with a psychologist, individual work with a psychologist, art therapy).
  • harmonization of family relations (change of personal perception of home space to ensure unimpeded and full participation in family life, psychological aid to family members, adaptation of family members to the conditions of coexistence and interaction with an ATO/JFO female/male veteran).
  • establishing communication with international specialists, specialized organizations; partnership in joint projects.

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achievement economic well-being as fundamental to the development of society, includes providing services aimed at improving economic solvency, professional independence and financial literacy, in particular improving people's economic awareness, their material interest in the results of their activities and developing their artistic skills.

The project activities of the YARMIZ Center in this direction are focused on such components as:

    • Career guidance
    • Employment and self-employment
    • Career building path
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Financial literacy
    • Digitization
    • Creative thinking

The work of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achieving social welfare is aimed at restoring basic social functions, improvement of relationships between different social groups, meeting social needs, advocating for the rights and interests of the veteran community. The level of satisfaction in meeting these needs is the defining factor for the standard of living of an individual, a family, a social group and society as a whole.

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of spiritual well-being deal with people's attitudes in regard to their spiritual values, moral norms of behavior, culture, civic position, environmental protection, environmental responsibility. The system of measures in this direction is aimed at the formation of public activity and responsibility, determination, ability to influence the decisions of local/regional/state authorities, as well as at restoring a sense of belonging to a family, community, society.

The purpose of this direction is creating conditions to promote the creative activity of visitors, to promote the preservation of the invaluable cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people, including honoring the memory of heroes and patriotic upbringing of youth, development of national identity