Psychological aid is assistance in overcoming the consequences of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine and traumatic events, returning to a peaceful life; care and re-establishment of harmonious relations.

Individual consultations

Individual consultations are aimed at the development of personality, its self-realization, the creation of a successful and meaningful life through the formation of appropriate skills and support in overcoming psychological problems

Group meetings

Group meetings are lectures and trainings that promote the formation of new social and communication skills; provide emotional support and development of critical thinking and high tolerance for stress.

Ministry of Peace

The Ministry of Peace is one of the first spaces of the Center, which provides pre-psychological assistance and psycho-emotional relief. You can leave a bad mood in this place, or share good news and be sure of complete confidentiality. Also, the Ministry of Peace is conducting educational work aimed at removing the stigma of visiting a psychologist.

The space was created on the initiative of a combatant who is a certified crisis consultant for the prevention of suicidal behavior.

Working with couples

Working with couples includes advising couples and spouses on issues of resolving minor difficulties and misunderstandings in the relationships. Family counseling is aimed at strengthening the entire family system; actualization of family values and restoration of life resources of each family member: parents - children and others.

Strong ties are strong couples

The Yarmiz Center hosted Ukraine’s first pilot project for families of combatants, an event that blended harmoniously with World Mental Health Day and on the eve of Defender of Ukraine Day. The center provides a comprehensive family approach in psychological support in overcoming the traumatic consequences of the war in Ukraine and assistance in returning to a peaceful life.
The Strong Bonds, Strong Couples project was created by Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Kathryn Ream. For more than 10 years, this program has been successfully implemented and proven effective with couples of US Army veterans.

Child psychologist

The Yarmiz Center employs a team of specialists in the field of child and adolescent psychology. Our specialists are ready to provide advice on common problems in raising children, the peculiarities of their stress, behavioral problems, relationships with peers, parents, age crises, etc.

School of Psychologists

School of Psychologists is information-educational and scientific-methodical support of specialists in the field of mental health.

The team of specialists uses the evidence-based psychology methods in their work:

– crisis counseling;

– cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT);

– emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT);

- mindfulness therapy;

- dance movement and other art-therapeutic methods.

A comprehensive approach involves close cooperation and collaboration with partner organizations: the Institute of Mental Health, the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine, Lifeline Ukraine