Note for parents: how to establish communication with a child affected by the war 
In dire war times children are the most vulnerable. The possibilities of their recovery and overcoming the psychological consequences of war depend to a large extent on adults. Children are not able to cope with such difficult life circumstances that war brings on their own, due to the lack of their own resources, knowledge and skills. Children depend on their parents, on their decisions and opportunities.
In times of military aggression, parents have the dual responsibility of being able to stabilize both their own conditions and to know the specifics of children's psychotrauma and strategies for their recovery and post-traumatic growth.
The memo will help adults deal with both their own needs and understand the needs of a child during the war. It contains tips on the ecological attitude towards the child and the rules for recovery and help for yourself and children.
Let's be loving and then our children will be able to feel, show love, create their own love and accept the love of others for themselves.
The note for parents was created within the framework of the project "The right to be happy" with the support of the Representation of the European Union in Ukraine and the "Renaissance" International Fund within the framework of the joint initiative "EU4Usoceity".