Sports rehabilitation is not only a sports space to improve physical condition, it is also a modern complex of health improving system that allows to achieve emotional and physical balance, optimism and positive thinking.


The gym at the YARMIZ Center is an opportunity to stay in shape and in good health. In order for the training sessions to be effective and safe, there is a trainer-instructor who works in the gym and will develop an individual complex program, provide consultations and control the correct way of doing the exercises.

Cardio machines

Bicycle, elliptical, stepper - all these are examples of cardio that will prepare the body for further training.

Free weight zone

The free weight zone in the YARMIZ Center's sports area has a lot of space. The area has a special coating that provides stability, as well as mirrors on the walls that help people adjusting their movements themselves. Despite the technical complexity of some exercises, such as bench press, squats, deadlift, snatches and others, the right technique makes them completely safe.

Boxing area

 Boxing occupies a prominent place in the system of sports rehabilitation. After all, it's not just blows and lunges – it's a whole strategy. Boxing is recognized as the second activity, after chess, where the use of mental abilities is important.

Advantages of boxing:

  • Creates a load on all muscle groups at once, including your core and legs;
  • Great opportunity to “let off steam” and unload emotionally;
  • Improves the cardiovascular and pulmonary system;
  • Improves attentiveness and concentration;
  • Increases self-esteem.

Martial arts

Martial arts are not just about training, sparring and honing your punches. These are, first of all, harmonious and physiological movements, the performance of which restores the connections between the parts of the body broken by trauma or disease, improves coordination of movements and promotes rehabilitation of the body.

Krav Maga

This type of martial arts is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender, who wants to learn to better control their body, feel their reflexes, find and use the weaknesses of the attacker.

Krav Maga training sessions will quickly bring noticeable results: improving physical fitness, reaction speed, movement coordination, health promotion, increasing muscle mass, improving the cardiovascular system, gaining self-confidence and inner harmony.

Kung Fu

How to achieve Kung Fu excellence. There are no short paths and no secrets in Kung Fu. There you have to train, repeat and make an effort all the time. Everything is achieved through persistence and hard work. Only a conscious attitude to the work you love turns a person into a master. Everyone is capable of creating. Training alone is not enough, you need to develop inner strength and spiritual strength.

Self-defense. Knife fight

Sports knife fighting originates from sparrings. It requires a certain technique that is acceptable for competitions, as well as special equipment, such as a rubber knife, which is used instead of a combat knife for safety reasons. The classes develop not only self-defense skills, such as neutralization of blows and tactics of deceptive movements, but also the ability to quickly navigate and make the right decision in a difficult situation.

Dance studio

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to be active and healthy. Dance classes help maintain a healthy weight, increase stamina, help reduce stress levels, improve balance and coordination, social skills, help work more cohesively as a team, as well as influence the ability to make new acquaintances. Choose a dance activity to your liking and go ahead!

Argentine tango

Argentine tango is a great choice for those who want to dance, but do not like to memorize complex combinations. Everyone can dance here, regardless of experience, age and existing injuries. Argentine tango is a miracle balm made of movements, getting to know your body, psychological relaxation and relationship building in a couple.

Viennese Waltz

Головна мета Віденського вальсу сьогодні  – відродження військової традиції проведення балів, навчання військовослужбовців гарно танцювати віденській вальс, що буде сприяти розвитку їх стиля, етикету, елегантності руху, зміцнюванню сімейних стосунків, влаштовуванню особистого життя, та залучення учасників бойових дій, які мають почуття депресії.


Танець здавна був універсальним засобом спілкування. А сальса – це спосіб зустріти хороших друзів, підтримати своє тіло в прекрасній формі і просто відмінно провести час! 

Цей танець стане для вас відкриттям нового світу і допоможе глибше заглянути в суть людських відносин. В ритмі танцю можна розуміти мову партнера без слів, вгадувати його бажання і краще розуміти свої. Ви зможете розслабитися і відкрити своє серце, бо сальса розвиває почуття і тіло одночасно.


Flexible and sharp movements, percussive footwork reflecting the rhythm, raised hands, a moment of stillness and a sharp turn – this is the magic of sensual and beautiful flamenco dance, which equally captivates the dancer and the audience from the first rhythmic sounds. There are no feelings that flamenco could not convey! Flamenco allows both solo and paired performances. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you come to training without a partner


Yoga is an ideal choice for those who have no experience and a lot of free time, but want to increase endurance, strengthen the skeleton and muscles and become more flexible and mobile.

What are the benefits of yoga?

  1. Improving the cardiovascular system.
  2. Reducing back pain
  3. Helping to relieve stress
  4. Improving the quality of sleep
  5. Improving the quality of digestion

Improving the state of internal balance, coordination and sense of balance.


Breathing techniques

Easy-to-do breathing exercises will help you relieve stress and anxiety, promote restful sleep, they can relieve pain, increase attention and concentration, clear consciousness.


These are standardized types of practices that have an evidence base and a scientifically proven effect on mental health. The Mindfulness program is most often used to work with stress, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue, because, according to various studies, it has the same effect as taking a course of antidepressants and significantly reduces the risk of relapse.



Massage is a highly effective means of complex impact on the body, rehabilitation therapy and treatment of various diseases and injuries. Thanks to the therapeutic massage, the muscles become relaxed, the muscle clamps are eliminated, and their efficiency is restored.


Facebuilding is gymnastics for the face. A set of exercises to strengthen facial muscles that give tone, relieve overexertion and eliminate mimic patterns. Such type of training is worth your while in the same way as going to the gym. It's important for a person, regardless of age or gender.


Juggling is a great way to distract yourself from everyday life, to immerse yourself in something special, it's like meditation. After all, jugglers are focused and fully involved in the process. Juggling is considered one of the effective ways to recover from contusion and stroke. Such type of training develops the brain, strengthens neural connections, enhances dexterity and motility of the hands, improves vision and reaction.

Distract yourself! Concentrate! Boost your energy!