• MISSION of the YARMIZ Center

    Transformation of ATO/JFO female/male veterans and their families into the driving force for creating a healthy, constructive, intellectual and stable society in Ukraine and Europe by developing a platform for uniting all the stakeholders.

  • VISION of the YARMIZ Center

    The YARMIZ Center is a platform for collecting, developing and spreading the best practices in the sphere of health, rehabilitation and well-being of victims of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine for the sake of harmony and social cohesion.

  • Our Values:

    - Safety - Mental well-being - Freedom of choice - Sense of meaning - Fairness - Development and self-development - Involvement in positive changes.

  • Our pillars:

    - Honesty - Responsibility - Professionalism - Tolerance - Mutual support - Cooperation.

  • Who can use the services and participate in the Centre’s programs:

    ✓ armed conflict participants, regardless of the status;

    ✓ families of ATO and JFO veterans (Joint Forces Operations);

    ✓ families of the killed servicemen;

    ✓ families of the servicemen who took/take part in the military conflict;

    ✓ support professionals: psychologists, social workers, coaches;

    ✓ NGOs that provide assistance to ATO & JFO veterans and their families.

    ✓ veteran associations, ✓ associations of families of ATO / JFP veterans.