Training "Provision of social services to veterans"

Every day we improve and look for ways to ensure that our activities bring the greatest benefit and satisfaction to our visitors. On Saturday, the entire team of the YARMIZ Center gathered for the training "Provision of social services to veterans" in the framework of the project "Fostered Voices; Fostered Services", which is implemented by CF "Stabilization Support Services" thanks to financial support by the UK government.
Increasing the level of such services is our main goal. During the training, we understood what are the social services, which of them we can add to the list of existing in our Center, analyzed our activities, decided on the tasks for next year. We always strive to be even closer and more useful to you, our dear visitors. 
Thank you, dear teachers, Irina Loyuk and Valeria Poklonskaya for the interesting author's training and a lot of important information!
The training was held within the project "Fostered Voices; Fostered Services": “Ensuring the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine connects with veterans’ organisations through local governments and veteran’s spaces that have the capacity to assess and address the reintegration needs of resident veterans" is implemented by CF Stabilization Support Services thanks to financial support by the UK government.