On November 4, 2021, a new project entitled “Leading Family - values to pass on to generations” was launched. The project is designed for veteran families and IDPs and is implemented with the support of the British Embassy in Ukraine. The project will last until March 15, 2022. The total cost of the project is £ 26,792.00 (GBP).

Purpose of the Project:

Holistic development of veteran families and IDPs with a purpose of their fulfillment in society, promoting their social, psychological and economic integration by overcoming family barriers and building a solid family team and family business. That’s 188 hours of theory and practice with the best experts. The training will last 4 months online.

Work with families will consist of the following blocks:

13 modules of family business training;

Psychological support course;

Course of lectures on gender literacy and building a strategy to achieve a “work- life” and “work-family” balance;

Course of lectures on sustainable development and adaptation of family businesses to environmentally friendly ones.

Result:at least 20 family business projects that will be presented to potential investors and sponsors in March at the graduation in Kyiv. Families will build a solid family team and a family business model.