The YARMIZ Center activities include sports rehabilitation, psychological, social aid to the combatants in Ukraine from among the participants of the ATO (JFO), servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as members of their families and families who have suffered losses, on the way to reintegration and return to civilian life.

The word "Yarmiz", "Yarmiz", translated from the dialectic, means Exit (an opportunity, a way to get out of a difficult, threatening situation), to give order, salvation. Getting out of a predicament. And our symbol "Rozhechka" or an eight-pointed star is formed by superimposing a straight cross (symbol of the masculine principle, the Sun) and an oblique cross (symbol of the feminine principle, the Moon). The combination of these two entities naturally gives life to everything. The full face is also called the Star of the Mother. We often see this kind of symbol on icons of the Mother of God. The octagonal star is one of the most popular geometric motifs in Ukrainian embroidery. 8 is a non-random number. Biophysicists say that just such a star - the octahedron - represents the model of the construction of the energy field around any living organism. After division, the human zygote has exactly 8 cells, 8 energy flows, which later form the physical and spiritual basis of the embryo.


The YARMIZ Center was started in late 2019 at the initiative of veterans and volunteers, who remain the organization's active members today and are engaged in organizational, coaching, psychological and business counseling work. The founding team includes a female ATO veteran, a wife of a combat veteran and an active-duty serviceman, a wife of a fallen veteran, and an active female volunteer since 2014. The sports direction of the Center involves veterans and volunteers; the psychological direction involves military psychologists who have been working with the target audience since 2014.


The participativity in creating the Center adds an atmosphere of family comfort, understanding and mutual support. The symbolic location between the European Square, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi and Bankova streets solidifies the Center's position as the driving force behind the development of a right-wing state of the pro-European society.

YARMIZ is located in the center of the capital in a four-story building with a convenient infrastructure, transformer halls and additional conditions of round-the-clock service – kitchen, coffee shop, locker room, showers. A unique look of the Center’s premises and their simultaneous versatility make it possible to transform the halls into educational studios, spaces for conferences, exhibitions, forums, creative evenings, workshops, and into coworking spaces if necessary.

  • According to the Articles of Association,the main tasks of the YARMIZ Center are:
  • Assistance in providing psychological, social, humanitarian aid to the combatants in Ukraine from among the ATO (JFO) participants, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as members of their families and families who have suffered losses;;
  • Promoting the rehabilitation of victims of hostilities and armed conflicts on the territory of Ukraine, as well as aiding the persons who due to their physical or other disabilities are limited in exercising their rights and legitimate interests.
  • Promoting the social rehabilitation of low-income, unemployed disabled combatants from among the ATO (JFO) participants who require care and due to their physical or other disabilities are limited in exercising their rights and legitimate interests;
  • Assistance in organizing the rehabilitation of children and adolescents affected by hostilities on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Assistance in psychosocial support of children from the east of Ukraine in the conditions of recreational rehabilitation;
  • Carrying out other charitable activities for the benefit of society and/or certain categories of citizens;
  • Promotion of international relations, relationships and cooperation with public and charitable organizations, other foundations and individuals in Ukraine and abroad, the study of their experience, exchange of experience;

Official information about the legal entity:

Identification code of the legal entity 43370024

Location of the legal entity 6 MUZEINYI LANE, FLOOR 3, OFFICE 15, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

Non-profit code – 0036 – charitable organizations

KVED code 88.99 (other social work activities without accommodation, n.e.c.) (main)


  • MISSION of the YARMIZ Center

    Transformation of ATO/JFO female/male veterans and their families into the driving force for creating a healthy, constructive, intellectual and stable society in Ukraine and Europe by developing a platform for uniting all the stakeholders.

  • VISION of the YARMIZ Center

    The YARMIZ Center is a platform for collecting, developing and spreading the best practices in the sphere of health, rehabilitation and well-being of victims of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine for the sake of harmony and social cohesion.

  • Our Values:

    - Safety - Mental well-being - Freedom of choice - Sense of meaning - Fairness - Tolerance - Development and self-development - Involvement in positive changes.

  • Our pillars:

    - Honesty - Responsibility - Professionalism - Tolerance - Mutual support - Cooperation.

  • Who can use the services and participate in the Centre’s programs:

    - combatants regardless of official status;

    - families of veterans of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) and Joint Forces Operation;

    - families of the fallen combatants;

    – families of servicemen who are UBD;

    - specialists of supported professions: psychologists, social workers, coaches;

    - public/charitable organizations that assist ATO veterans and their relatives.

    - veterans’ public organizations, associations of families, and mothers of ATO Joint Forces Operation Veterans.


A Development Strategy for the YARMIZ Center was formed on the basis of values and principles with a purpose of implementing the mission and vision of the Center.

We define the state of well-being of a veteran and his family as the key value in the reintegration system. Therefore, the program and project activities towards achieving physical, psychological, economic, social and spiritual well-being are the strategic vectors.


Strategic areas of activity

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achievement physical well-being of female/male veterans and members of their families include promoting a healthy lifestyle and the use of physical activities and natural factors that in a comprehensive process contribute to the restoration and improvement of health and productivity.

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achievement psychological well-being of female/male veterans and members of their families include formation, application and promotion of approaches measures aimed at improving, restoring, correcting mental health and emotional balance, as well as creating conditions for the development and establishment of a harmonious personality.


This direction includes:

  • relieving psycho-emotional stress, irritability, fear, prevention of self-destructive behavior and other psychological problems with the help of various complex influences (introduction of peer-to-peer counseling, organization of mutual support and mutual assistance groups, group work with a psychologist, individual work with a psychologist, art therapy).
  • harmonization of family relations (change of personal perception of home space to ensure unimpeded and full participation in family life, psychological aid to family members, adaptation of family members to the conditions of coexistence and interaction with an ATO/JFO female/male veteran).
  • establishing communication with international specialists, specialized organizations; partnership in joint projects.

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achievement economic well-being as fundamental to the development of society, includes providing services aimed at improving economic solvency, professional independence and financial literacy, in particular improving people's economic awareness, their material interest in the results of their activities and developing their artistic skills.

The project activities of the YARMIZ Center in this direction are focused on such components as:

    • Career guidance
    • Employment and self-employment
    • Career building path
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Financial literacy
    • Digitization
    • Creative thinking

The work of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of achieving social welfare is aimed at restoring basic social functions, improvement of relationships between different social groups, meeting social needs, advocating for the rights and interests of the veteran community. The level of satisfaction in meeting these needs is the defining factor for the standard of living of an individual, a family, a social group and society as a whole.

Activities of the YARMIZ Center in the direction of spiritual well-being The system of measures in this direction is aimed at the formation of public activity and responsibility, determination, ability to influence the decisions of local/regional/state authorities, as well as at restoring a sense of belonging to a family, community, society.

The purpose of this direction is creating conditions to promote the creative activity of visitors, to promote the preservation of the invaluable cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people, including honoring the memory of heroes and patriotic upbringing of youth, development of national identity


Євгенія Губська

Gubska Eugenia


Світлана Бойко

Boiko Svitlana

Krav Maga coach, veteran

Юрій Танієв

Taniiev Yurii

Олена Кошелєва

Koshelieva Olena
Peer-to-peer consultant, veteran

Леонід Лавринчук

Leonid Lavrinchuk
gym trainer-instructor, veteran

Валентина Тарасенко

Valentina Tarasenko
Project manager


Ігор Гончаренко

Honcharenko Ihor
gym trainer-instructor, veteran

Марина Сириця

Syrytsia Marina
Family psychologist

Олександр Соколівський

Alexander Sokolivsky

Ганна Лаврус

Lavrus Hanna
Coach, Argentine tango

Валентина Тарасенко

Ігор Гончаренко

Марина Сириця

Олександр Соколівський

Ганна Лаврус





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